With Harley-Davidson Releasing their New Milwaukee 8 engines for all there new Bikes from Late 2017 and on.  We At Rams Head Service Just had to develop a CNC Port Programme for these heads, especially after we had so much Great success with our CNC Twin Cam Ports for the Earlier motors,  Having some of our heads being used in some of the Quickest Street Drag Bikes as well as some Land Speed record bikes. It was a No brainer that the New Milwaukee 8 Cylinder heads would need to also get Some Upgrades, So now we have the Heads CNC port Program done and have Quietly been selling a few already to some very Happy Customers, To Date the feed back has been very positive and we know we are on a Winner, So if You have a Harley Milwaukee 8 and You think its Time to make some more power then Rams Is sure that we Can help you out,

  One Concern we at Rams had earlier On was getting the Parts for these heads, Well when acquired the Australian Distributorship of VANCE & HINES  Raceshop Components from the USA we new that they had already started to developing Milwaukee 8 component’s for these engines so it was only a matter of time.  So as expected VANCE & HINES had designed and Manufactured a great Set Of Valves for these heads, And even went as far as to Use Inconel Material on the Exhaust side Meaning that a TURBO Or BLOWER Application Might Just be on the Cards for some of these bikes, :).

  Also with Our Success over the Years With The AV&V Valve Train Components we are Happy to Say That they Also have Valves and Other Valve Train Components available for the Heads. This Being the Case we have Been able to Offer the Heads with the Option of using Either Brands when Having the head’s CNC Ported.  This is a Good thing, Been able to give our Customers that ability to choose what Brand they prefer has meant customers have that little bit more of a say in the final product, But in saying This we are confident that no matter the brand they Choose Vance & Hines Or the AV&V range of products we know from years of experience that they are both a going to be worth it.