Mitsubishi High Pressure Beehive Spring kit with Ti Retainer 4G63t


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Part # GSC5058

97LBS @ 1.590″ / 247LBS @ 1.130″ , CB .948″

50PSI Boost at 10,000RPM even on the GSC S3 profile.

## Discontinued ## 

1 in stock


### item Discontinued by GSC Power-Division.  ###

GSC5058 RACE Beehive Valve Spring Kit with Ti Retainer for 4G63
Setup Coil Bind (in) Install Height (in) Seat Pressure (lbs) Open Pressure, 12.0mm Lift Maximum Valve Lift (in)
HP Beehive 0.948 1.504 / 1.484 125 /131 279lbs @  1.032″ / 285lbs @ 1.012″ 0.476
  • Max RPM: 11,000 RPM
  • Max boost: 60+ psi

Trying to break records? Trying to win races? This is the valve spring kit for the 4G63T that will allow you to take your engine package to the next level. Not for street cars or sub 1,000 HP builds, in that case please see our GSC5040 or GSC5041 beehive spring kits. Capable of controlling the valves with 60+ psi of boost at 11,000 RPM with 12.1mm lift cams due to improved harmonics of the beehive spring with optimized spring rates and the smallest titanium retainer we offer. The new Beehive spring is super finished to reduce stress and add durability while also adding a clean, silky smooth surface. In racing, every tenth of a gram matters, so our redesigned Ti Retainer is 10% lighter and smaller, while still adding the strength needed to keep the valvetrain in one piece at 11,000 RPM.

The GSC5058 kit also includes our GSC4041 chromoly CNC replacement valve spring seats that are 0.035″ thicker than the OEM part. Able to use NEW OEM valve spring keepers or our GSC1003 keeper kit. No need for special aftermarket locks that have the potential of being the wrong angle. Sold as a set: 16 Super finished beehive springs, 16 Lightweight Ti Retainers, 16 thick CNC chromoly spring seats.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 10 cm


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