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GSC Power-Division Race Balance Shaft for all 4G63 Evo’s and DSM


Available on back-order

Part # GSC8042

EVO 1 TO 9




Available on back-order


Don’t let removing your balance shafts shorten your oil pump’s and engine’s life. GSC has a race balance shaft that will go in place of the OEM balance shaft and support the oil pump’s operation even at extreme RPMs.

The GSC Power-Division race balance shaft kit includes:

  • 2 Bearings; to block oil passage to the removed balance shaft
  • Mitsubishi Balance Shaft Delete Cap; to cap off removed balance shaft pulley
  • Mitsubishi Balance Shaft Pulley Delete Spacer; to remove the balance shaft belt gear from the crank
  • GSC Billet Race Balance Shaft – Zero Balanced and CNC Machined
  • Replacement Bolt; for balance shaft pulley removal

If your plans include building your 4G63 or 4G64 motor and you’re ready to make your 4G a little lighter internally, make sure you install one of GSC’s Race Balance Shaft kits.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 16 × 26 × 9 cm


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