Seal Kit, High Performance, KTM®, XC4 Engines 400-530cc, 2008-2013


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  • 6mm Viton Stem Seal
  • 5mm Viton Stem Seals
  • see below for details

4 in stock

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• For XC4 Engines
• EXC-R / XCR-W / EXC / XC-W

KPMI® Red 100% Viton valve stem seals are designed to have optimum fitment, allow , maximum lift, and to give maximum life. KPMI® Red valve stem seals are resistant to high temperatures, petroleum products and the corrosive gasses that are the by-products of combustion. These seals retain their ability to seal in situations where other materials could harden and allow oil to enter the combustion chamber causing detonation, carbon build up and a loss of power. The Red Ones are truly the racers choice.

Type Intake / Exhaust
Reference See Figure 1
Material Red Viton®
Quantity 2- Intake Seals (Style 5)
2- Exhaust Seals (Style 5)
Intake Stem Diameter 6.0mm
Intake Overall Length 0.315″
Intake Seal O.D 0.520″
Intake A 0.435”±0.002”
Intake B 0.395″
Intake C 0.120″
Intake D 0.215″
Exhaust Stem Diameter 5.0mm
Exhaust Overall Length 0.320″
Exhaust Seal O.D 0.435″
Exhaust A 0.305”±0.002”
Exhaust B 0.265″
Exhaust C 0.100″
Exhaust D 0.195″
Note Use the diagram and specifications to ensure your valve guide shares the same dimensions for a proper fit

Image may not be actual Representaion of the product.

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm


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