GSC Power-Division Billet S2 camshaft set for Nissan/Infiniti VR30DDTT 400Z/Q50/Q60 # GSC7043S2


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VR30DDTT 400Z/Q50/Q60


Available on back-order

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GSC Power-Division is glad to reveal the newest addition to our camshaft line, the GSC7043 forged billet S2 set for the VR30 powered Infiniti/Nissan. This isn’t just another cam – lots of research and development went into every aspect of these bump sticks. The billet cores for these cams are proprietary and made in house at GSC. We developed stronger, lighter cams with additional fatigue and wear resistance. CNC machining and grinding gives us the most accurate and repeatable camshafts possible, with precision gun drilling down the center of the cam for oil delivery and weight reduction. This far exceeds OEM durability with the performance GSC Power-Division is world famous for.

Required for the 7043S2 cams are the GSC5083 Conical valve springs and lightweight titanium retainers. These will keep the valve train happy up to 9000 RPM at 40psi of boost. GSC specifically designed the valve springs and retainers for the high horsepower VR30DDTT.

  • Head Casting Clearance is necessary for lobes to rotate
  • Intake: Valve Clearance = 0.30mm±0.025mm
  • Exhaust: Valve Clearance = 0.33mm±0.025mm
7043S2 ADV Duration Duration @ 0.040″ Peak Lift Variable Center Line
Intake 270° 228° 10.40mm 153°-74°
Exhaust 272° 232° 10.60mm 115°-65°

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 80 × 22 × 22 cm


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