Del West Intake Valve DW-YZ250F-1IV10 YAMAHA YZ250F 2001-2013 CENTRE VALVE (5V HEAD) (each)


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  • Titanium Valve
  • Superior Quality over Factory Valve
  • YZ250F 2001-2013
  • 5 Valve Heads
  • QTY (1)


1 in stock

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Del West Exhaust Valve DW-YZ250F-EV02 YAMAHA YZ250F 2002-2013 (each)

  • Titanium Valve
  • Superior Quality over Factory Valve
  • also suites WR250F 2002-2013
  • QTY (1)


Del West Intake Valve DW-YZ250F-2IV10 YAMAHA YZ250F 2001-2013 OUTER VALVE (5V HEAD) (each)

  • Titanium Valve
  • Superior Quality over Factory Valve
  • QTY (1)


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Del West Titanium Intake Valve Yamaha YZ250F  Suits 2010 to 2013 CENTRE VALVE alt # (DW-YZ250F-1IV02)


 Adding Del West valves to your engine means you can drive & ride harder and faster

From the aerospace-grade materials we start with, to the precision machines that form the shape, to the performance-enhancing coatings we apply, Del West valves are designed each step of the way to endure and excel. That is why they run in every major racing series worldwide, from NASCAR to Formula 1 to Moto GP.

Del West Valves …

  • Are completely CNC-machined and precision ground
  • Where desired, can be super finished to the highest levels found in today’s manufacturing world
  • Are processed in-house with our unique coatings to protect against various wear conditions
  • Can be customized with a range of coating solutions, including: Molycoat, PVD-Chromium Nitride, PaCVD-Diamond-like carbon (DLC), and Cermet, and others for increased wear protection and extended service.
  • Are designed, manufactured and shipped only by us, in the United States, making for complete traceability of components.

Del West. Precisely.

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