appet, Shim on Bottom Conv, HT Steel, DLC COATED, 31.15mm OD, Polaris®, RZR™ XP 1000, 2014 Various appliactions # 82-82359


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POLARIS RZR XP900/1000 Various app



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Polaris® RZR™ XP900 2013-2014
Polaris® Ranger™ 900 XP 2013-2019
Polaris® RZR™ 900 2015-2023 (&Trail)
Polaris® RZR™ XP1000 2014
Polaris® RZR™ 1000 (&S/XP/Trail S) 2015-2023
Polaris® RZR Turbo (&S) / XP Turbo (&S) 2016-2023
Polaris® RZR™ RS1 2018-2022
Polaris® General 1000 (&XP) 2016-2023

Our coated tappets undergo a low temperature PVD process to deposit a DLC film, which is extremely hard and has a very low coefficient of friction. These properties help the tappet to maintain its durability in extreme duty situations. Although KPMI® recommends never running a camshaft off the edge of the tappet, this coating may help increase durability in these applications.

Type Intake / Exhaust
Material Billet Aircraft Alloy Steel
Coating H.T. Steel plus DLC Coated
Quantity Pkg. of 8
Reference See Figure 1
Outside Diameter “A” 31.15mm / 1.2260″
Inside Diameter “B” 1.156″
Overall Length “C” 0.800″
Button Diameter “E” 0.325″
Roof Thickness “F” 0.108″
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS


NOTE: This item is the same part as kibblewhite Part # 82-82187, 82-82287, 82-82495, 82-82609





Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 cm


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